Jack russel puppy

Jack Russel puppy

A Jack russel puppy is characterized by the beautiful pointed ears he or she has. It is also a fairly square-shaped dog. The nose sticks out, which makes this puppy so cute. Sometimes he is also compared to a miniature fox. This breed was also originally raised in Great Britain with the foxes. These they hunted from their den together with the badger. In most cases they average 25-30 CM which makes it a nice medium sized dog. It is also an ideal dog for children because they love its cute snout and playful nature. In fact, it is a dog with temperament that you have to get good exercise. They also enjoy catching a ball, for example. Sports and games suit this dog well. In terms of maintenance, coat care is minimal which also makes it easy to keep up.

What should you look out for when buying a Jack russel puppy?

Make sure you buy a Jack russel puppy from a licensed breeder. On the internet you can find breeders who meet these conditions. They will give you a health declaration and when the health declaration is different they will discuss this with you. Often this way you also have a guarantee on, for example, hereditary diseases. This doesn't replace the dog of course, but it minimizes the risk of losing both money and the dog. Of course you can also adopt this dog from the shelter, but then it is important that you know the background of the health and education. Dogs can still easily be taught something until their 2nd year of life. When they are older they often have a lot of trouble changing behavior. This is why people usually choose a puppy. They can control it themselves and so they determine what is and what is not allowed.

What are the external features?

The characteristics of a Jack russel puppy range from the coat to the nose. For example, the nose stands straight out, making it look like a true tracking dog. The coat is short-haired, yet nicely covering. This also ensures that brushing is not needed much, and in the molt not as many hairs come out as with other breeds. Generally they are not that expensive to maintain in terms of food because they usually don't eat that much. However, you must ensure that they do not eat too much because then they quickly develop a belly. In addition, the pointed ears are also a nice feature of this breed. So they can hear everything and it moves nice up and down while walking.

The behavior of a Jack russel puppy

The Jack russel puppy can be quite different in behavior. This often also has a lot to do with the way they grow up in a kennel or at the breeder. They are fairly busy dogs who love to play and always have too much energy. This can make them a little more difficult to bring up at one time, but in most cases this is not so bad. However, it is important that there is structure in the walking so that this dog can get his attention. It is also a nice dog for children because he or she always wants to play.

What is the life expectancy of a Jack russel puppy?

The Jack russel puppy can grow into an adult dog. In most cases they live 13 to 16 years which is a reasonable age. The oldest has even lived to 23 years.

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