Belgian beers

Belgian beers

In 2015, Belgium had over 1600 Belgian beers. From abbey beers to trappists and more. Many people wonder is it time for beer yet? But that's an unnecessary question. At any time of the day you can enjoy a nice cold beer. If you receive a lot of people in your house you can choose for a keg of beer. With this you have your own tap installation with the most delicious beers for all your friends, family and acquaintances in the house. Belgian beer is even on the world heritage list of UNESCO. And they are not just beers, some are still made by monks in monasteries. The famous cherry beer also originates from Belgium. Delve into the Belgian beers and you will always find 1 or more that you know but where you did not know.

What makes Belgian beers unique?

Belgian beers are world famous because they use different ways of fermentation. These include spontaneous, mixed, high and low fermentation, each of which gives the beer its own character. No other European country has such a wide range of beers as Belgium. Many of these special beers are also available as cask beer. The basic ingredients however are the same as with all other types of beer, namely water, hop, malt and yeast. In Belgium there are no restrictions which means that Belgian beer can be made with anything, even fruit such as cherries and raspberries. The rich history in combination with the culture provides a unique experience. And this experience makes Belgian beer a great success.

Belgian beers and their culture

Many Belgian beers are on the world heritage list. The Belgians have the largest selection of beer brands and varieties in all of Europe. That is why in most cafes in Belgium you can choose from more than 250 types of Belgian beers. You notice this especially in the cafés but also in the restaurants. There is also a beer with the food or sometimes even in the dish. The difference is in quality and ingredients. For the sweet people there are also beers like cherry cherry or for the men lambic beers. Lambic beers are a bit more sour in taste but also heavier in alcohol percentage. The only question you have to ask is "is it time for beer". Trappist beers are still brewed by the monks in their monastery garden.

Is it always time for beer?

In Belgium it is always time for beer or a cask of beer. This is because they are proud inhabitants of the most extensive beer culture in Europe. Belgian beers are popular all over the world and there are over 250 brands of beer. Besides heavy beers they also produce fruit beers which are especially popular among women. Where in The Netherlands women often order a glass of wine, Belgium does it differently. Because they have no restrictions on their recipes there is a Belgian beer for every woman. You always have a reason to open a beer. Or if you have visitors it might be a cask of beer.

Drinking beer

Drinking beer is something you don't see a lot of with Belgian beers. What they often say is "it's time for beer". Because Belgian beers are full of character and contain a high alcohol percentage it is not used to drink beer. You drink a trappist or abbey beer at your ease and you want to enjoy it as long as possible. Special beers like the Belgian ones you enjoy and you want to try them more than once. It is not wise to drink them too fast or you will have a hangover. There are plenty of Belgian beers to taste.

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