When do you get vaccinations for your puppy?

Vaccinations puppy

Vaccinations for a puppy are usually given for the first time when he is 6 weeks old. After that he will get several other vaccinations at 8/9 and 12/13 weeks. When the pup is 1 year old it will need vaccinations again.
Every year you go back with the puppy for the basic vaccinations such as against the disease of weil. For the parvovirus you get a vaccination every 3 years. When you don't take your dog with you on vacation and go to a kennel, it is wise to get a kennel cough vaccination. You can also use this when the pup regularly comes in contact with other animals. When you cross the border it is even obligatory to vaccinate your puppy against rabies.
So you can enjoy your faithful companion for a long time.

The vaccinations puppy costs

The costs for the vaccinations of a pup differ a lot. It is net where you the pup does or does not want vaccination against. Usually the price for the first vaccination is around 30 euro. Extra vaccinations such as rabies have an additional cost of 20 euro. With an annual vaccination you often get a cocktail of several diseases together. The veterinarian in your area ensures that this remains affordable for everyone. Often these prices include the cost of the consultation. It's a small investment so you can hopefully enjoy your pet for longer.

Where to get vaccinations puppy?

Most vaccinations for a puppy you can get at the vet. It is wise to read up on the subject or have a veterinarian or assistant give you information. Financially it costs not so much and you protect your pet against nasty diseases. The vaccinations puppy costs differ from vet to vet depending on the location.
After all, it must also be possible to pay rent and staff. Always ask the vet for advice what is necessary for your pet. It can be namely that you do not need all vaccinations. When your dog doesn't come in contact with large groups like on a kennel. If you do not cross the border, you do not need vaccinations for rabies.

What vaccinations are there for a puppy?

There are many cocktails and varieties on the market. But what is sensible? In the beginning the pups often get a cocktail which helps against worms and the disease of weil. When he gets older, he will get a larger cocktail. In these vaccinations, the pup is protected against liver diseases and the contagious parvovirus. Just like we get a flu shot from time to time, this is also important for the pup. If you are going on holiday, it may be necessary to vaccinate your puppy against rabies. In many European countries this is a condition to prevent rabies. Your vet will advise you when this is applicable. When in doubt you can also contact your local vet. They will give you honest and transparent advice.

What are the possible side effects of vaccinations for puppies?

The chances of side effects are very low. However, you may always notice that he or she is a little upset.
This may be due to the fright but also because the body must work hard to build up the resistance. This is usually within a few days. Very rarely, an allergic reaction occurs. There may be a lump at the site of the vaccination. Puppies have a greater chance of side effects than an adult dog. But almost all puppies get through the vaccinations without any problems. Fortunately, the risk is much smaller than the side effects of a paracetamol. However, vaccinations are important for the health and resistance of your puppy.

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