Invicta watch

Invicta watch

The Invicta watch collection is very large with more like 200 models available for purchase each year. Several times a year new designs come out, all of which of course feature a Swiss movement. Especially the Bolt models with an extra large size are recognizable to most people when they think of Invicta. However, they also have some more classic, as well as more business-like watches that you can find with this brand. They have made a collection from various price ranges so there are now more like 20 collections. This of course includes the material used for the watches. In most cases this is ironclad because these watches basically last for years. Of course, the more expensive models do have extra good materials used and special timepieces installed.

What models of Invicta watch do you have ?

The most popular model of the Invicta watch is the Bolt. It is characterized by its large size. Also, in recent years they have been doing a lot of varying colors in a watch. In addition, there are not only watches with a metal strap, but also with a leather strap which is much lighter on the wrist. They have also expanded the collection more with unisex watches that can be worn by all genders. Diversity is an important point on the market and more and more brands are responding to this. Under 100 euros you can already have a beautiful watch including date notation. The watches themselves are in most cases equipped with mineral glass which is extra strong. If you look at the most expensive models they are often extra waterproof up to 20 bar. The watch of more as 2500 euros is even equipped with 625 diamonds.

Where are these watches made?

The Invicta watch is made in Switzerland. It is like an amalgamation of 4 American watch brands together. This brand has been around since 1837, but in 2014 the Invicta watch only really became known in the big numbers we know today. They have more like a hundred stores worldwide and thousands of jewelers who have added these watches to their assortment. The timepieces exude originality and class which is why these watches are also widely worn with casual outfits. For the ladies, there are also some eye-catching models that can be worn with any outfit. At every step of the production process, everything is precisely finished down to the last details. They are all original models that are designed in detail. They are also innovative watches where the latest techniques are always used.

The story behind the Invicta watch

The Invicta watch has been around since 1837. Since that time, brands have continued to join this popular brand to add value to the company. For Invicta, each model is equally important and they work this out to the smallest detail. High quality is also a high priority for this company. This is used not only in the workmanship, but also in the performance and longevity of the watches. The wearer has a true experience of these watches and with that, of course, it is also important that it can last a long time. The ingenuity of this company is also very great. After all, they are not easily satisfied and have high standards for their own watches.

The different types of Invicta watch for the fashionable man

The Invicta watch for men is one of a kind. In fact, Invicta always applies the latest trends for a beautiful watch. They also design really cool watches that suit men who like to show off their watches. They also have models where the gears are visible. A lot of attention is also paid to the finish of these watches. The strap is usually nice and flat and made of metal which makes it sturdy. More and more watches with a color are also being made. This is because men are also paying more and more attention to their appearance and outfit. After all, a watch should color nicely just like the rest of the outfit.

Where can you buy these watches?

You can buy an Invicta watch at most jewelers. There are also large department stores that sell these watches. Online you can also find many outlets. The advantage of shopping online is that you can see exactly what others thought of it. This ensures that you can also make an informed choice. However, it is wise to try the watch on in the store. This way you also know how heavy it feels because not everyone likes a heavy or light watch. This is a personal choice that you should research well in advance. There are also models with an additional bezel around the glass. These are even chunkier in appearance and are also considered the toughest watches by men.

Buying an Invicta watch for women

The Invicta watch ladies is usually designed in a silver or gold color. Surely, most women find this the most beautiful color. Just like the men's watches, these also feature an extra-large look. Usually they are somewhat quieter models because women want to stand out more with the outfit as the watch. There are also several unisex watches for the tougher lady to choose from. These look almost identical to the men's watch, so to speak. There is also an ever-expanding color palette available for ladies who want to be able to wear a different watch with every outfit. There are also models where you can choose a different strap. This is ideal when you find metal too heavy you can opt for a leather strap.

What price ranges do the Invicta watches have

The price range of the Invicta watch starts at about €99 and can go up to €2450 here in the Netherlands. Of course, the more expensive models do feature extra expensive materials. For example, you can usually see the gears moving in these. There are also chronograph models that most men love. Sometimes there are even models equipped with real diamonds which can exude even more style and class. It depends on what you want from the look of the watch, but certainly on the inside a lot can be customized as well. Durability or the use of other materials makes a watch more expensive. However, most people buy few watches so it may also cost something.

The high rating of customers

The Invicta watch is known for its good customer reviews. Generally, the watches can be delivered almost immediately so there is no need to wait long for the newest acquisition. There are also several webshops that can give expert advice on which watch suits you best. Of course, you can also get this in the official Invicta dealer or the shops that sell these watches. The watch strap can often only be shortened in the store. This is also why many people still choose to go to physical stores. Another advantage is that you then also feel the weight well. This ensures that you do not have a watch that is too light, but also certainly not too heavy on your arm.

What makes the Invicta watch unique?

The Invicta watch is unique because of its innovative and precise workmanship. It is a brand which always uses the latest techniques to produce the watches. More and more details are possible and so they can make even more unique watches. It is a trendy brand which also uses the latest trends in fashion and the like for inspiration on the watches. They are striking watches that will make you really stand out on the street or during a night out. They are made exclusively of high quality and production takes place in Switzerland which is a top country in terms of watches. There is also a stopwatch and date display on some models. This means that you are always on time and you can also set goals, for example, during sports.

These materials are used for an Invicta watch

The Invicta watch is designed mainly from high-quality metal and steel. The more expensive models are also equipped with an extra bezel to protect the mineral glass well. However, mineral glass is by itself a strong material that can take little damage. The invicta watch men is the most popular item of the past decade. This is due to its distinctive nature with just a bit larger movement than the standard one. They also sometimes use steel wire around the case to give it just a bit more strength. This also makes for an even tougher look. The seahunter model is also extremely popular because it features a stainless steel watch case of 58mm which is extra thick so. In addition, the synthetic glass of this model is indestructible. It is also waterproof up to 20 bar which is quite unique for a watch.

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