Promoting your business? Choose car stickers & facade advertising

Promoting your business? Choose car stickers & facade advertising

For any business, new customers are vital, so it is important to promote your business. Two ways that are great for this are car stickers and facade advertising. In this blog we will tell you why it is absolutely worth investing in these two forms of advertising.

Facade advertising makes your business building recognizable

A business building without facade advertising is like a person without a face. Indeed, unrecognizable. With professional facade advertising ensure that your business premises become recognizable to existing customers and can also bring in new customers.

But if you want to realize the latter, it is important that you take into account a number of things regarding the facade advertising:

  • Make sure you communicate not only the company name through the facade advertising, but also the added value of your services or products. After all, this is what potential customers can relate to. In any case, your company name itself will not convince them to become a customer with you.
  • Make the facade advertising is not too small so that you can still read the message even at a greater distance.
  • Provide lighting, direct or indirect if, for example, you have chosen milling letters to apply as facade advertising.

Car stickers: advertising your business while driving

Car stickers are a low-threshold and relatively inexpensive way to advertise your business. Especially if you are on the road a lot stickering your car an absolute no-brainer to invest in.

As with façade advertising, there are some important points to consider with car stickers so that the effectiveness of the advertising is maximized:

  • Make sure the advertising message is as calm as possible and all visual elements and text that distract from the core message are omitted.
  • Limit your contact information to your company name, website and phone number. Omit social media channels.
  • Make sure your message is fully communicated on the sides and back. That way, you ensure that people only need to see one side of your bus to absorb your message.
  • Always choose film that is car wash resistant. That way, you prevent the film from coming off after you've driven through the car wash a few times.
  • Always choose high-quality film, meaning top brands such as 3M and Avery. Such films not only stay on the car well, but also discolor much less quickly than cheaper films.

Get advice from a signing company

We recommend that you always get advice from a signing company on how best to use car stickers and facade advertising for your business. A signing company employs specialists who work day in and day out on car stickers and facade advertising. As a result, you know exactly what is effective and what is not. So take advantage of that knowledge and expertise.

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