Daikin air conditioning without outdoor unit

Daikin air conditioning

A Daikin air conditioner without an outdoor unit cools your premises by blowing the warm air outside. It is a good air conditioner without an outdoor unit that is durable and has a good energy label. You can easily move this air conditioner without having to install anything in another room. This is especially useful if you regularly change rooms in your home or office. Moreover, sweating during a meeting is unnecessary. The air is easily removed with an air hose that you put out the window, for example. You no longer need separate exhaust pipes. However, these models produce more noise. Take the air conditioner to any room in your house you want.

Buy ceiling air conditioner or split air conditioner

If you are looking for a Daikin air conditioner you have two main models. These are the split air conditioner and the ceiling air conditioner. The Daikin split air conditioner comes in different shapes and sizes. So you can find one for every room. The advantage is that the noise level of 21 decibels is very low. In terms of energy, too, this A++ model is an energy-efficient device. The air conditioner also features an energy-saving mode and an automatic switch to achieve the desired temperature. The ceiling air conditioner is also virtually silent with 31 decibels. It is available in a mountable version which you can attach to the ceiling or wall. But also in full recessed models.

Daikin Split Air Conditioner

Are you looking for a good and energy-efficient air conditioning system? Then the split air conditioner is an ideal solution for any building. With this wall model and energy class A + + you for a good price cooling in the house. You also contribute to a better environment. This new model has reduced the burden on the environment by 68%. But you will also hardly notice any noise. At the highest setting 21 decibels. This model adapts to the desired equipment with an automatic switchover. With a Daikin controller you can easily operate this model from your mobile. It also features a sleep mode and automatic changeover between hot and cold.

Ceiling air conditioning

Daikin also has a ceiling air conditioner on the market. You can easily build it into the ceiling or have it done. But you also have a split model of what you attach to the ceiling. The Daikin air conditioner has an energy label of A+ for heating and A++ for cooling. This means that he is so economical with energy. As well as the noise level of 31 DB, it is almost imperceptible. This is the reason that worldwide people order an air conditioner here. Especially in large rooms, this ceiling air conditioner comes into its own. There are 5 ventilation settings on most models but you can also control this automatically. Furthermore, the Daikin air conditioner will adjust itself to your pre-set temperature.
Switching between hot and cold is no longer necessary if you set a fixed temperature.

World market leader in Daikin air conditioning

Daikin air conditioning is a global leader in the field of air conditioning. They have various types of air conditioners all equipped with the highest energy labels and optimal comfort. Take for example the ceiling air conditioner from Daikin. Or choose a Daikin split air conditioner. This wall model fits into any interior and has energy label A++.
But that's not all. However, it is also silent and reaches only 21 decibels at the highest setting.
Moreover, this model can be ventilated at several settings. The device calculates itself which speed is needed to reach a certain temperature.

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