DPD as a reliable partner for business shipments: Why do companies choose DPD?

DPD as a reliable partner for business shipments: Why do companies choose DPD?

As a business, you obviously want to be able to ship your products reliably and safely to your customers. Therefore, it is important to cooperate with a shipping partner that is reliable and has the right knowledge. As a specialist in this field, DPD is one of the most chosen partners in the Netherlands and Europe. In this blog we tell you why more and more companies are choosing DPD as a reliable partner for their business shipments.

Reliability is priority

DPD works every day with the same priority: our customers can rely on our services. We always strive for fast and safe delivery. We do this by working with an international network of experts who are well-versed in diverse cultures, and we have the latest technologies. DPD has a very high delivery reliability of 97%. We know that a successful business depends on a reliable postal or courier company.

Use of sustainable technologies

Within DPD, we use technologies to reduce our environmental impact. We permanent harmless renewable technologies, comply with REACH guidelines, are carbon neutral and work to reduce unnecessary waste. In 2020, DPD Netherlands received the Green Truck Award for our many efforts to operate more sustainably.

Access to our extensive network

DPD has a global network of more than 800 depots in 30 countries. Customers can be confident that their shipment will reach the correct destination and that we will ensure that the recipient receives his/her shipment safely. International shipments are more efficient and reliable thanks to our extensive network and expertise in this field.

Secure delivery

Security plays an important role when shipping packages. At DPD, our priority is to ensure that shipments are delivered to the right location and in good condition. We use advanced technologies and have taken special measures to ensure security, such as package security, data networks and registration procedures. Your shipment is in good hands with us.


At DPD, we always work in a customer-oriented way. Whether small or large, we provide a customer-friendly and personalized approach. We think with our customers about the best shipping options and provide accurate and proactive communication. We understand the pressures of deadlines, and make every effort to ensure that your shipment is tailored to your needs.


Thanks to their extensive network of depots and transport vehicles, can DPD guarantee fast and efficient delivery of packages. This is especially important for companies that need to make regular deliveries within short deadlines. Fast delivery means that the customer can enjoy the product sooner, which 

As a reliable and sustainable partner for business shipments, DPD is the right choice. With their widespread network, efficient and safe delivery, customer-oriented approach and advanced technologies, they have everything you need to make your shipments hassle-free and secure. So choose DPD as your shipping partner.

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