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Types of flying dino

Flying dino

Today, you won't easily encounter a real live flying dino. After all, dinosaurs are animals that are now almost all extinct. Nevertheless, these flying dinosaurs still live on in the minds of many researchers and dinosaur enthusiasts. Worldwide, there are very many dinosaur enthusiasts with a lot of knowledge about these animals. In addition, there is still a lot of research on all kinds of different types of dinosaurs every day, including the flying dinosaurs. Here you can read more about the different types of dinosaurs that more is known about through research.

The most famous flying dino

A flying dino known to many people who have a passion for dinosaurs or who research flying dinosaurs as their job is the following. This is a dino named pteranodon. This is a very complicated name. However, as you will explore more in the world of dinosaurs, you will find out that there are very, very many dinos with such complicated and also very unusual names. It might take some time before you would be able to remember and especially spell the name of these dinosaurs properly. 

The pteranodon is a flying dino that belongs to a group of many different types of flying dinosaurs. This group is called pterodactyloidea. The pteranodon is a very large species of flying dino. In fact, the wingspan of the animal could be up to six meters. In addition, there was something else that was striking about this kind of dino. That is the fact that they had no teeth. In addition, they also had no feathers. There are also species of flying dinosaurs that do have feathers. The pteranodon dino mainly ate a lot of fish. It is unknown exactly how the pteranodon did this. There are scientists who think the pteranodon did this by scooping the fish out of the water and then swallowing them in one sitting.

A striking dino

Of course, a pteranodon is not the only flying dino that belongs to this special and unique category of dinosaurs. A dino that is also considered a unique flying dino is called the archaeopteryx. So like the pteranodon dino, the archaeopteryx also has quite a complicated and unique name. However, in terms of appearance, these two dinosaurs are not similar. Externally, there are important and striking differences that would allow you to easily tell the two dinos apart. The flying dino archaeopteryx, unlike the pteranodon, does have feathers. Therefore, the dino is actually only half dino and the other half looks more like a bird.

The archaeopteryx is considered a flying dino that has made a very important contribution to science. The discovery of the archaeopteryx has been an important step in the field of science dealing with the discovery and development of dinosaurs. The skeleton of an archaeopteryx has similarities to the skeletons of birds we know today. Therefore, scientists believe that the archaeopteryx was an important flying dino in the transition from dinosaurs to birds. There are scientists who claim that the birds we know today are descended from the archaeopteryx.

The largest flying dino

The pteranodon dino just mentioned was already a very large species of dino with its wingspan of six meters. However, surprisingly, it is not even the largest species. The quetzalcoatlus is a flying dino that has an even larger wingspan than six meters. In fact, the quetzalcoatlus has a wingspan of up to 10 meters. This size makes it the largest flying dino. Moreover, the quetzalcoatlus is even considered the largest flying animal in the history of this world in which we live today. The size of this animal also makes it quite a mysterious flying dino for scientists and other interested parties.

The dino is considered mysterious because people wonder how the animal ever managed to fly. Indeed, because the animal is so large, flying does not seem easy for it. People have hypothesized that the quetzalcoatlus probably could fly well because it was a very muscular kind of flying dino. Because of its large amount of strong muscles, the animal was well able to lift itself off the ground and stay in the air. Flying is really not the only thing that is still a mystery surrounding the quetzalcoatlus. There is really no unequivocal clear answer yet about what exactly the animal would have eaten either.

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